Why do most people see a hygienist?


Having clean teeth i.e free from soft debris deposits (plaque - the fury stuff) and hard deposits (calculus, tartar, scale, chalk - it’s all the same so call it what you will!) is the best way of maintaining the health of the gums and bone that keeps your teeth in place. It is also important in reducing the risk of decay of your teeth.


Good brushing - with a manual or electric toothbrush, and cleaning in between the teeth for example with floss is the best way of limiting build up. That’s why we nag you so much about it! Plaque you can remove yourself, the hard deposits you can’t.


Mandy and Steph will remove this build up improving gum health and your ability to clean. Also regular appointments help motivate you into good habits!!



Have you thought of whiter teeth?


We have been bleaching teeth for adult patients for many years. This is a purely cosmetic treatment which you may wish to consider. 


If you would like more information on the procedure and suitability of this treatment for you please ask Dexter or Jane when you see them. If you would just like written information please ask at the reception.




Spit don’t rinse


Fluoride toothpaste applied to the teeth twice daily when brushing is recommended (and most likely something you do every day) but what do you do after you finish? Do you spit out and then rinse your mouth out?

If you rinse you wash away the trace of fluoride that can go on working to protect your teeth.

So brush your teeth for 2 minutes, spit out and then get on with your day or your night’s sleep!






Further dental information can be obtained from th British Dental Health Foundation website.  Click here to visit this site: