Covid-19; Coronavirus


Belmont Dental Practice is now closed


In an emergency please call 01753 882126 


Dental Heatlh England today have stopped dental practices seeing any patients even for emergency treatment. We will continue to be avialable for telephone advise and can prescribe medication if appropriate. In situations where a dentist is urgently required there will be Local Dental Emergency Centres established.



We will continue to stay abreast of current government and professional body advice and update this website accordingly should circumstances change.


We wish you all well at this very difficult time for all of us.




Jane and Dexter's son Justin is due to graduate from Leeds Dental School in the summer of 2020. He plans to spend a year in dental practice in Yorkshire followed by a years surgical placement in hopsital. In 2022 he will have a better idea of which way his dental career will progress.