We are excited to announce Julie Wheeler, an experienced dentist, joined us in August 2021

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Covid-19; Coronavirus


Belmont Dental Practice remains fully open


 Please call us on 01753 882126 


In accordance with Dental Health England and Government Healthcare guidelines we remain fully open but still maintain Covid protocols so we can only see a limited number of patients. After the first wave of Covid -19 we reopened on 9th June 2020 and we adopted many extra protocols for the safety of staff and patients. We continue to maintain this and are completely confident that you will be treated here safely. 

It is important that you maintain your dental health and there is no reason why you should not come to see us for this purpose. Not only do we check the condition of your teeth but the health of your whole mouth from gum disease to cancer. As many of you will have seen we have many procedures in place to ensure the practice continues to provide a high standard of dental care whilst keeping everyone safe. 


Alongside a dedicated decontamination/sterilisation room and very high levels of cross infection control within the surgeries, which we have always had, we have added specific procedures to deal with Covid-19. These include:


  • Waiting in your car optional - the waiting room is now open but masks still need to be worn here
  • Use of hand sanitiser is required on entry and exit
  • Reception area completely screened off between staff and patients
  • 2m social distancing is required and we are lucky to have good space to enable this
  • Full appropriate PPE is worn by all staff - masks, visors and disposable gowns with any patient contact 
  • For high risk procedures (e.g. drilling) clinical staff wear respirator masks, visors and full surgical gowns. The surgery is sealed and left empty after these procedures for a defined fallow time. It is then deep cleaned before reuse
  • We encourage prepaid card and BACS payments for appointments. This facilitates a quicker and smoother transition in the reception area and reduces the likelihood of more than one patient being in the practice at any one time.
  • Any patients requiring routine examinations and hygiene can book directly with reception. Those with dental issues will normally be triaged by a dental surgeon to ensure the appropriate appointment is booked.
  • Hygienists now have a dedicated dental nurse assisting them
  • A powerful extractor fan has been installed to continually replenish the dental surgery with fresh air during higher risk procedures.


We continue to stay fully abreast of current government and our professional body advice and will update this website accordingly should circumstances change.


We wish you all well at this very difficult time for all of us.



Mouth Cancer    Awareness

All our dental examinations include an oral cancer screen

Sadly mouth cancer is on the rise and if caught early can be treated but if left undetected can be fatal. 

We always carry out a full oral health assessment to ensure there are no suspiscious areas at your 

dental check up so we strongly recommend having regular appointments.

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Jane and Dexter's son Justin graduated from Leeds Dental School with a distinction in 2020. He has spent a year in dental practice in South London, and is following this with a years hospital surgical placement in Manchester. In 2022 he will have a better idea of which way his dental career will progress.



After 34 years in the profession, Dexter has retired from clinical dentistry, but is still very much involved in the running of the practice.