Covid-19; Coronavirus


Belmont Dental Practice is now open


In an emergency please call 01753 882126 


In accordance with Dental Health England we are now open but with strict protocols so we can only see a limited number of patients  each day.


Please contact us if you are having dental issues. We are offering all treatments, but those with dental problems are our priority. Mandy and Steph, our dental hygienists, are currently not working, but Jane can provide their services for you. We hope they will be back in a few weeks.


We will continue to stay abreast of current government and professional body advice and update this website accordingly should circumstances change.


We wish you all well at this very difficult time for all of us.




Jane and Dexter's son Justin has just graduated from Leeds Dental School with a distinction. He plans to spend a year in dental practice in South London, followed by a years surgical placement in hospital. In 2022 he will have a better idea of which way his dental career will progress.



After 34 years in the profession, Dexter has retired from clinical dentistry, but is still very much involved in the running of the practice.